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tv   News  ABC  February 1, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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they don't look anything alike and they are very -- they have very different personalities. >> which is more like you? >> jours the one a bit more work. nola is laid back and very content and jordan max you work for it. that's all. >> -- makes you work for it that's all. >> and someone else laid back nem with the weather. back especially with the weather. >> lynette charles. >> i am so happy to have you back. >> great to see you and you are a ray of sunshine. >> thank you. so sunshine we don't have today. we have that rain on maryland middle east powerful radar. we will have a break but before that let's take a radar tour. heavier rains around port deposit. and all this is crossing i-95 to havre de grace. aberdeen getting nonet action and more into bel air. and we slide further to the south and or not bowie and mitchellville yellow which is moderate rain. and this is pushing towards annapolis this morning.
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highland beach, shadyside and deal this is pushing across the bay so once it does that, well, then, we will start to dry out. but the bay is going to get wet. heading out the door this morning, i need you to grab the rain gear because we will get a break in the afternoon but we are feeling it this morning. temperatures not so bad. that's the silver lining. we have 50s out there. good morning westminster. let's check the traffic now with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. even with the rain out there, still not a lot of problems for you heading out for the morning drive. now we are getting reports traffic volume getting heavy on eastbound i-70. no reported troubles there and for those who get off 70 on 29, your southbound lanes are going to be a bit heavy getting a live look at traffic flow on 29 for you. at maryland 108 that southbound with the heavy volume on the right side of the screen. now heading to glen burnie on i- 97 here's what you will find traveling past benfield north and southbound, moving at a pretty good pace and let's
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check the drive times heading out this morning, on the west side of the beltway, you will see a little bottle neck situation through the wood lawn region. 695 from 795 to i-70 taking about 7 minutes to take that drive. over to you charley and megan. top stories we are following today, governor o'malley will update us on the condition of maryland a bit later. he will give the annual state of the state address to the general assembly. we will break down the governor's plan and explain how it will impact you coming up tonight on abc2 news at five. and lenny harris body was found in a well and this morning a man is behind bars charged in the murder. lynwood johnson confess heed -- confessed the crime to the police. they think robbery was a motive and expect to make more arrest and they think harris knew the suspect. a man faces life in prison a for killing his girlfriend. tyrone webw was convicted -- webb was convicted in the
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death. he is set to be sentenced come in april. news time is 6:3633 -- 6:33. the gop primary, the republican candidate won the primary and all the delegates. sherrie johnson is here. >> reporter: all new, the republican front run are's primary win earned him u.s. secret service protection. the republican presidential candidate will be under the watchful eye of secret service officers within days. romney's win in florida is huge news for the campaign and he can say he won two of the four first states to vote a new and more aggressive romney has emerged more television ads and sharper personal attacks with the ingredients romney needed tosteal back the momentum. he took advantage of a more diverse electorate and reestablishs his image of electability and managed to gain greater support among women, seniors and large number of hispanic voters after the big win, he turned his attack
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towards the president. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow. and now it's time for you to get out of the way. >> now that fight moves to nevada where romney is expecteded to do well given the mormon vote. democrats are raising big campaign money. president obama the first lady and vice president brought in more than $5 million at fund raisers in the last 24 hours. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:34 right now. looking at news around nation the heroic actions of two police officers in new jersey are caught on dash cam video a very dramatic rescue. look at this. >> get out of the car. >> get out of the car. >> the officers struggled against flames and heat to save a driver trapped i side the burning car. they forced the door open and dragged the driver out. the officers were not hurt. the driver suffered from smoke
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inhalation. former los angeles elementary schoolteacher accuseded blindfolding and gagging and photograph children is scheduled to mayors his first court appearance. mark burn face his arraignment on lewd acts on 23 boys and girls between 2008 and 20 10. the photos show some of the children at the school blindfold and mouth taped shut with live cockroaches on their faces. he was fired after the photos were discovered. looks like president obama could be the main suspect in a hold up at mcdonald's. well sort of. look at that. a man wearing obama mask came into a fast-food restaurant waving a gun forcing employees in the back room and demanding mondayy from the meaning. he got away with a thousand dollars and police in florida are investigating. it's big game a now days away and it mate be a -- may be a bit of a plunge. >> what people are doing buying the big ticket items shelling
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out the cash, with the superbowl on the horizon. the ranking of the hottest laid quiz in entertainment. >> not him, her. >> who is the biggest winner and some say. >> she is a cougar. >> we will find out you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. looks like everyone wants to buy a piece of the superbowl these days. fans they paid to hang out with the players in the media and lucas oil stadium on tuesday and spending on other things like home theater system, lounge chairs and food and game merchandise and that's also up as well. the national retail federation says the average watcher is going to spend around 64 dollars this year up more than 7% from last year and a total
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of 11 billion dollars overall. by the way, if you are interested in going to the game the least expensive ticket available on stub hub $2100. get me my checkbook. you got it. and anticipation is approaching. giants face-off against the patriots and you know that by now. so, new york mayor bloomburg made a friendly best with boston's mayor. now the mayor whose tame team loses must give a familiar live four from the winning city a dream trip to their town. that's not a bad bet. now looking at the world's most beautiful women from actresss to musicians and models ask wanted the useers to consider one thing above all else. would you date them? i think most people would say yes with all of the candidates. they released the left of the top most 98 desirable women of 2012. and modern family star sophia
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now the top honor. kate upton came in number 2 followed by actress runi mara and we should mention a baltimore nod for stacy kiebler who won the former ravens cheerleader and girlfriend of george clooney came in at spot number 45. still much more ahead on "good morning maryland. your news straight ahead. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we will have a preview of what governor o'malley will say in the state of the state address in annapolis. find out how it impacts you. >> reporter: and improving the odds for missing children in maryland. i am linda so what state delegate wants to do to change the law. also ahead a. popular form of birth control being recalled. ladies what you need to know. we have the rain out there this morning. and it's mild. i will tell you when the rain gets out of here and when the temperatures drop off coming up. and on the roads we are
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starting to see very busy traffic trying to get across the bay bridge where an accident has been reported. we will let you know if we have any lane closures with the incident coming up.
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wednesday morning thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. time four abc2 news to go and we begin with lynette charles. >> maryland's most powerful radar showing a swath of rain from bel air into d.c. and as we zoom in on the heavier parts, we can see around camp springs pushing over to upper marlboro area and over into clinton. and as we head a little further to the north, we can see around arnold and annapolis and shady side. that's the story through the rest of the morning. and port deposit getting in on the action. temperatures and we will see how warm it will get coming up. but now a check of your traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and we are starting to see stop and go traffic on 50 approaching the bay bridge. not just volume but we have an accident reported. here's a live look at 50 and maryland 8 where we are backing down.
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police say the accident is blocking the left lane. and, of course, we are stop and go make your way to the bay bridge past this accident. now around the beltway you can expect delays especially here on the top side at providence road. and a pretty slow ride on the west side with on and off cona jex from 759 to passing -- congestion from 795 to passing liberty road. authorities say the body of an 11th victim was found inside a truck days after a deadly crash on 75 near gainesville. fog and smoke reduced advice ability along the highway south of gainesville causing authorities to closeist-75 for more than three -- close i-75 for more than three hours. the crash injured nearly 20 people. today governor o'malley will tackle the issues important to marylanders. governor o'malley gives the state of the state address today and sherrie johnson is here to give you a preview. >> reporter: good morning. well folks are very interested to hear what he has to say as
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he updates us at noon on the condition of maryland. the governor says he will discuss how there's nothing more important for a family security and future than a job. and how together, we created over 30,000 new jobs last year driving our unemployment rate down to 6.7%. our lowest in three years. his agenda includes capital programs to support 52,000 jobs. civil marriage protection act creation of maryland invasion and initiative and legislation to promote affordable health care. governor o'malley wants to hear from you and people can view that address streamed live. head to and click on state and there will be a link. the governor will give the annual state of the state address at noon to the general assembly. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 6:47. and more than 100 students from anne arundel county will lobby state representatives to increase the state's flush feet. they want restriction on septic system and urging lawmakers to increase the bay restoration
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fund. that fund is used to upgrade sewer plants septic and storm water systems which are key sources for the chesapeake bay pollution. linda so is here -- pollution. linda so is here with odds on finding missing kids. >> reporter: delegate from baltimore wants to create a new missing children's plan. she and other advocates go get -- will get together to talk about the bill. it looks to improve cooperation between state agencies and advocacy groups and include more resources for police and establishing a dna data base to identify bodies and solve missing person's cases. the bill could be named after phylicia barnes, the teen who disappeared while visiting family in baltimore. months later she was found murdered. linda so, abc 2 news. well retired cardinal who searched as the head of the archdiocese in philadelphia for
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more than 15 years is dead e was criticized but never charged by two grand juries investigating child sex abuse in the roman catholic church. the death is days after lawyers battled over his can he tnsy in a upcoming church ache buses case as a witness. today closing arguments will be hurd in the -- herd in a trial of a man accused of killing a corrects officer. lee stevens is charged with stabbing the corrections officer in 2006 at the maryland house of checkss in jessup. it was a primary factor in the decision to close the facility. this is the first death penalty case to go to trial since the death penalty law changed back in 2009. capital punishment is only a option of a videotaped confession or biological evidence linking the defendant to the crime. seven fire deaths in three months inspired donation of smoke alarms. the fire department will accept them at news conference that's happening today. they will be distributed to
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families that cannot afford them. well, time for democracy 2012. official, though no one is surprised, mitt romney won the state in florida but the contest in the state is now the most negative campaign on record. the campaign media analysis group says 92% of ads airing in the sunshine state during the past week were negative. face-off between the front- runners mitt romney and newt gingrich has been especially prickelly to say the least. analysts say 95% of newt gingrich ads and 99% of romney ads went to the negative. ten minutes away from sen. a update on a crash that left four people dead near davidsonville. maryland state police say both drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol. three teens were in the car head the wrong direction on route 50 when their car crashed head on into another car. the driver of that car and all three teens died in the crash. and a warning for those women out there taking birth control. pfizer recall 1 million packets of pills because of packaging
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error. they found the packets had too many active and others too few. there is not anything wrong with the pills but having the wrong levels of hormones could lead to an unintended pregnancy. find a list of affected pills at our website, the nation's leading breast cancer charity susan g. komen for the cure halting the partnership with planned parenthood afillats which will mean a cut off of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants mainly for breast exams. planned parenthood believes the move results from comen bowing to -- komen bowing to pressurebut they -- say. [audio not understandable] komen gave 660,000 dollars to planned parenthood last year. and they say the move is not political. we want to know what you think. should komen continue to fund
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plant parenthood. head to our facebook package and weigh in. heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women. so in an effort to bring the numbers down, the american heart association made february national heart health month. doctors say having a healthy heart you should keep your eye on your cholesterol, blood pressure and all levels to make sure the bmi is within a normal range. time for five things to know. facebook is going public. the social media mega site will likely file paperwork for a 5billion dollar initial public offering. they are looking at up to 100 billion making it one of the largest initial public offerings in history. nancy pelosi will deliver marks commemorating 100th anniversary of the girl scouts high light the important for strong women to sever as role models. president obama will speak at the james lee community center today. he will talk about the economy
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and touch on parts of his housing plan. first lady michelle obama brings the childhood obesity campaign to l.a. she will host an event at inglewood focusing on nutrition initiative within the his and community. >> on this date in 1964, being aan american college students had a sit-in at lunch counter at a wool worth's and asked for service. that request refused. when asked to leave they remained in the seats. that demonstration helped ignite the civil rights movement. time is 6:53 and with the superbowl hes coming up sunday, the truth is you have to accept the ravens season is over and today the team will make it official closing out the 2011 season. the owner and the general manager and head coach will sit down with the media later today. the annual event marks the official end of the season for the ravens. don't show the highlights.
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-- that highlight. time for next season which starts with the upcoming draft. the orioles are gearing up for spring training with pitchers and catchers who reported in sarasota in 18 days and today is packing day. the trucks will be loaded up and the o's will head south preparing for the spring training. pitchers and catchers will report on february 19th with the rest of the squad due to arrive on the 24th. time for a check of the forecast. take it away, lynette. >> all right. so we are dealing with wind out there today. we can see not so bad but we are dealing with the fact that the wind will be picking up as we go into the rest of the afternoon. and the west and they will be at about 10 to 15 miles an hour and we will see gusts maybe up to about 20 miles an hour. so it's going to get breezy. check out the weather pattern. we are in between the cold front and this warm front dealing with very mild air. we have showers working their way through the area. it will be the scenario this morning and we will get a brief break and wet weather returns.
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i will show you that in a second. but the cold front slices through going through the overnight and future trend ticking -- picking up on what i am talking about. you need the rain gear. putting it in motion, you can see we will be dealing with more rain moving in here as we go early into tomorrow morning once again. so it's 1, 2 punch as we see the rain mainly to the south but i believe some of us will get in on some of the wet action. goes back into motion and lots of sunshine in the forecast going into friday. so if you have your plans to be outdoors that's going to be the day. 67 degreefor today. mostly cloudy and mild with showers. and we will get a few peeks of sunshine in here. by tonight, 42 degrees and a chance of showers still out there. and tomorrow, 53 degrees if we get rain and we will be in the morning and we dry things out. here's the 7-day forecast because you can see the temperatures dropping off but still above average into thursday and as we go into time. let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. an update on the accident we
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reported in queen ann's. police reopened the left lane on u.s. 50 a westbound. traffic is heavy approaching the bay bridge. but we are moving okay for now. now we are not seeing trouble on the harrisburg expressway. southbound 795 as you approach the beltway and a live view of the beltway now where we are on the top side at old court road leading into the west side delay which is heavy around the bolt nor nation -- baltimore national pike. mta is 20 minutes behindschedule on light rail. we want to welcome back megan pringle one more time. >> we come back. >> thank you. good to be back and i appreciate you with the kind words. those are my daughters jordan rose and nolan jane. >> is this the money shot and the big picture had. >> that's a good one. look how cute they are. >> i like that. >> love it. >> time to go to new york for "good morning america" and we are back with 25, weather and news in 25 minutes. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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